Again the Rain

It’s been two years of summers, of springs, winters and falls
I haven’t seen you, but only whispered your name as I called…
Called to the wind and it listened, but I saw you no more
And the rain began to fall…

Drowning sunflowers, bent, along the water’s edge
Once were straight and yellow
But summer is leaving soon
And like the flower’s petals, which are soaked and hanging low
I feel the same
And I whispered your name
But I don’t know where you are…

Where does it go? Forward towards the sun
Never turning back, and today has just begun
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll hear your voice, or see a sign on the wind
But today I see the rain…

A swirl of dried flowers are caught in the wind
Tossing in the air, where will they fall?
Storm clouds gather, close,
I hear the rumble of thunder
A thousand horses dancing
Across a sky of black…

Always the rain
Falling onto my fading garden
Overgrown, now; awaiting winter…

I speak your name softly now
Perhaps you heard me call
I miss you most when the rain
Begins to fall