What is Before Us

Many things are before us:  Sunsets we have never seen, places we have read about only in books, to be lived in the imagination.  But oh, there are places to explore, mountains we have never scaled, and rivers unseen.  We have the sunrise to greet us, come morning, and the call of birds at daybreak, too.  We have before us a commitment to life; it’s our choice to live it in the very best way.

Many things are behind us:  Words we should have not have said, like thoughts spoken that should have gone unexpressed.  Yet…we cannot live life with regrets, either, because regrets only obstruct our spirit.  The past, it is said, is gone.  There is no reason to document every unkind word or action, or hold onto contrary remembrances of places, things, or people.  Although our past helps shape us into what we are today, tomorrow is a clean slate, and we can change so much!  The obstacles and barriers left behind us should remain there, quiet and collecting dust, hardly being disturbed (the dubious times in our lives).  Deal with emotions as they come; do not nudge them when they do not wish to stir.

Our life is a map, and we draw its course!  What else can be so exciting?  We’re the pilot of the small plane (or we think we are).  We’re a dot in the universe, traveling through clouds, sunshine and storms…but we make a difference; we make an impact…each of us.  We land where we’re able, and if we cannot, we continue the flight.  We come in from storms, seeking cover until the sun reappears and we fly, once again.  We design our thoroughfare, sometimes not perfectly.  Yet we design.  Sometimes we just fly to where our heart feels it should go.

People will never be perfect, but in accepting imperfection we see that it is OK not to be flawless.  Behind each bend in the road a new site awaits us; every tomorrow promises something new.  We must immerse ourselves into our mortal existence, finding the everlasting soul in our hearts.

Charles Dickens said in A Tale of Two Cities:  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…We had everything before us, we had nothing before us.”

We select our fortune, to some extent.  Perhaps we receive fortune or doom based on our interpretation of it…

Life is now…but we need the Hope of Tomorrow…because there is certainly Hope, and in that Hope, Faith resides.

Many things are before us…rivers running wild and cold and free, the sight of something new we’ve never seen, or…the sweet taste of warm raspberries we pick off the vine.

Place the berry in your mouth, bite into the warmth, and savor.

The best is coming, and its name is Hope.

Embrace life.



























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