A Note from God (at Christmastime)

Dear One,

I made the world so that there were sunrises and sunsets, with birds and oceans and lakes and rivers and streams. I made the world so that the deserts would stretch from the east to the west and from north to south; I made the world with cactus and wolves and prairie dogs and everything beautiful and some things that make you question what beauty is, because it is different to everyone.

I made the world so that there was love and I gave you free will so that you can chose to do what you want to do, and with this you created love and hate and selfishness and greed. With this you made happiness and joy and you have weaved wonderful things together in your heart of hearts.

I have also given you a spirit of joy and of strength and of fight; the power to keep going forward and to not give up; but there is also a time when it is OK to say, “It is enough,” and to stop doing what you are doing and move forward into a different direction. It is OK to not always keep on, but to give in to the will of spirit and go into another beautiful world.

I created man and then man made other things: some good and some not so good.  Man made war and sooner or later, healing should come…and again it is Free Will and what man chooses to do, but healing will eventually come.

Men have been given the gift of knowledge and learning, and great things have been born from this and miracles are happening all the time in science. As time goes on, and you look back on history, you can see how far things have advanced…man has gone to the moon and beyond; there are vaccines that protect from disease; antibiotics that heal; surgeons that fix; and mathematicians that solve complex problems; and, of course, so much more.  I have made the brains, but you have gone farther and developed ways of learning and helping the world.

Love comes in many forms: How bread is kneaded and made and baked in the kitchen, its aroma filling the house on a cold, winter’s day; love is the soft puppy, the rainbow, holding your grandmother’s hand or sharing a cup of coffee with someone you love.  Love is thinking of someone else and giving just a little bit more, and not thinking what will come back to you but what you can give to others; love is the rain pounding down in the desert after months of heat and despair; love is brushing your horse and giving it grain and taking in an animal that is lost.  Love is this, and so much more, and it goes on and on and it never ends.

And while no one knows when life on earth will end, it is really all a journey and it is all about love. Love is the universal Truth and no one can exist or live fully without this.  To be starved of love is to be like a wolf alone in the desert, his ribs sticking through his matted fur, barely alive but surviving.  No, God does not want this, not to any animal but especially to his people, to His sons and daughters because there is too much good in the world to be lived and seen and experienced.

God allows things to happen, but he lets us look inside our own hearts and He lets us find our Truth and if we are lucky, or smart, or both, we will find Love.

Love is the way the stars twinkle in the sky in deep summertime, how the cottonwoods shake their branches and how the moon is round and flat and full and orange in a late-spring sky; Love is what you feel when you hold your baby for the first time, or you are alone, without a soul near you for miles, yet you feel at peace, because that peace is Love and God is with you.

Love is the baby that was born so many years ago and He wasn’t in a grand mansion but a small cave, and the first to see him besides his mom and dad were the horses and lambs and cows and sheep and goats and chickens. He was born because He is the Miracle and He is Love, because God loved us that much.  Jesus…he was wrapped in a plain cloth and he was pure, and it is really right and fitting that He was born in such a place.  The Star hung above him and it may have taken the Wise Men a little while to get to Him, but they made it and they gave him the best they had.  They gave Him the best.  Not second-best or third best, but the best they could give.  Kind of like how God gave us the best…Jesus…and when you honor such a King, when you honor the only King, you give the best.

It wasn’t chance that He was born in a little cave. He came to us and was like us, he experienced everything we experience.  He was born near a camel with large, soft eyes laying in the corner of the stable!  Birds sang, the next morning, and remember: nothing is forgotten…not the sparrow.  And certainly not you.

You are on the earth to spread light and be light and be extensions of arms and legs and ears and hearts. I am God, but I need help.  I need you.

And this Season of Miracles is now.

Not tomorrow. Not yesterday.  Life is Now.

It is every day. It is living inside you.  Every moment of every day.

The stars will keep shining in the midnight sky and the moon will keep rising. There will be the rooster’s song and crashing waves on the ocean’s shores.  And there will be Me.

And You.

Embrace life and love and know that it is OK to stop and keep going but as long as you have fight and will and know that I am There, you can get through anything and everything.

And when you don’t think you can get through it, it will be OK. I’m still there.

I love how the world twinkles at night and everything can be black and dark, but then I look down and see a light. Even if it is a little light, it is still a light.

Have you ever been in a cave and everything was darker than dark? Then someone strikes a match and everything is illuminated.

A miracle of sorts.

The world can be dark, but it can’t exist without Light, because it is all about Light.

So never stop believing and looking for goodness and peace, because you will find it. And if you think it’s lost, it wasn’t lost, but hidden.

Just open the door. Or look up.




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