Silence…And Why It’s Important

I don’t know about you, but one reason I like to get away to the mountains or somewhere a bit remote is so I can hear…nothing…nothing, that is, except the wind through the trees or a river making its way over rocks.  But if I waited until these times to find or notice silence, or this softer version of silence, I would be waiting a long time. 

We’re accustomed to hearing something, all the time.  Cars rumbling, horns honking, the radio playing in the background, perhaps the click of our key board when we’re on our computers.  Even in discussions with others, Americans tend to become uncomfortable with a break in the conversation.  I think we’re uncomfortable with silence, in general.

But silence is important, especially in this world full of noise.

When we’re in silence, or solitude for a while, we can hear and actually listen to our hearts.  We can receive and understand in silence what we may not be able to when there is sound.

But to find silence, we need to desire it.

I stumbled into silence when I changed my routine up a bit.  Instead of turning on music, I left it off.  It was unintentional…or was it?  And I fell into a new, daily habit.

I guess I had been needing silence.  Now I intentionally make it happen.   

What are the benefits of solitude and silence?

I can hear my heart, and I find myself becoming more patient with myself and others.  I think more clearly.  Periods of silence massage my brain, in a way, and I find myself having calmer energy.  The busyness of life is paused, and a new rhythm sets in. 

Silence is now an intentional habit.  Silence is an intentional part of my day.  And I’m gaining a part of life back I didn’t know I was missing.

The benefits of quietness are less stress, more focus, increased awareness, and clarity.

And best of all:  I simply feel better.

Try intentionally turning down your noise and you’ll be tuning in to a whole new way of living.

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